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About Pernod Analytics LTD

The Managing Director of Pernod Analytics is Rick Pernod (formerly with Pernod Angelus)

Rick Pernod is an executive staffing expert from NYC. He possesses the ability to combine logic, business savvy, creativity and cutting-edge approaches to constantly shifting business demands. Rick has over fifteen years of experience in the search industry and expertise in business development, headhunting, and "deep search." 

Before beginning his career in executive search, Rick had a successful career as a Creative Writing Professor at  City College in NYC, as well as being the Executive Director of Exoterica, an award-winning literary non-profit.  After urging from family members, who had decades of experience in the search industry, Rick decided to become a full time search professional for Hire Options, Inc.

After six years with Hire Options, he moved to Adecco to take the lead in permanent recruiting in their midtown NYC office. After several successful years, he was offered a Managing Director spot at Twiller Moore, a firm that specializes in marketing analytics search, focusing on recruiting top talent in the field of data science and analytics.  He was then offered a Managing Partnership for Pernod Angelus.  

Rick is thrilled to now be running his own executive search firm, Pernod Analytics, and bringing
his philosphy of enabling his clients to realize the economic value in hiring the best talent, which translates into winning and retaining more customers.  By relying on Pernod Analytics to recruit the best passive talent currently working and performing at the top of their game, your executive search fees will be a drop in the bucket compared to cost savings realized in profits generated from the superior performance of talent brought to you by Pernod Analytics.
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